Best Home Loans Los Angeles

Best Home Loans Los Angeles

Best Home Loans Los Angeles

Choose Amerifund for the best home loan in Los Angeles. If you’re in the market for a beautiful LA home that meets your family’s needs, we can make funding available to you without all of the stress your bank wants to put your through. Amerifund has been rated the best home loans company in Los Angeles, with multiple loan options available to our clients. Browse our website to see how easy it is to apply for a mortgage or refinance loan without leaving the comfort of your easy chair.

Loan Options at Amerifund

Are you a first time home buyer? We have exclusive rates for individuals and families who dream of owning their very first home. Click the FAQ link at the bottom of our homepage to learn about the lending process, then click on Conventional Loan to see fixed and adjustable-rate loan details. Get pre-approved for your loan and you’ll have a better idea of which homes fit within your price range. Amerifund agents are always just one call away if you have questions.

Will it Cost Me More to Go Through a Mortgage Broker?

Current mortgage rates in Las Angeles, CA through Amerifund are highly competitive; we may even be able to save you money over the course of your mortgage repayment structure. Since we work with multiple lenders who compete for your business, you’ll have access to some of the lowest interest rates available, with flexible repayment terms geared toward your financial situation. Los Angeles, CA mortgage rates through Amerifund are often lower than rates offered by conventional lenders. Ask our team about the following loan types:

  • VA loans
  • FHA loans
  • Non-qualified loans
  • Home equity line of credit loans
  • Reverse mortgages

Does Credit Score Matter?

Make no mistake, even a very small improvement in your credit score can mean huge savings over the lifetime of your loan. For this reason, we recommend that hopeful homebuyers take 6 months prior to looking for their dream home to repair damaged credit or improve their score in other ways. If you need advice or score improvement tips, reach out to an Amerifund agent. We believe the best home loan in Los Angeles is one that comes with a low rate of interest that never goes up.

Top-Rated Mortgage Brokers in Los Angeles, CA

We’ve built a reputation for excellence by meeting the needs of the LA community in ways that other mortgage brokers have failed to provide. Personalized service and exceptional customer satisfaction are cornerstones of our commitment to you, our client. If you’re thinking about buying a home in or around Los Angeles, we have great news for you- it’s easy to get approved for funding when you’re ready to buy. Get started by contacting Amerifund to inquire about our rates; our helpline number is toll-free at (800)-570-5626. You’ll also find that our website offers a wealth of information to help point you in the right direction when applying for a mortgage.

Best Home Loans Los Angeles
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Best Home Loans Los Angeles
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