Hey, everybody! It’s Jamie with the real four, one, one (411). Have you ever noticed that right after you apply for a loan, all of a sudden, you’re getting text messages, phone calls, and emails from a bunch of unknown mortgage companies trying to solicit you for business? Well, there is a reason for this. We call this trigger leads. Other companies sometimes pay for lists of consumers who have recently applied for mortgage loans. The credit bureaus are required to give them this information unless you have expressly told them you do not want to be contacted. It’s that age-old saying, ask for forgiveness, not permission. So there is a way around this. The credit bureaus have set up a website called If you go to, you can opt-out of these solicitations for up to five years. And that is the best way to prevent yourself from getting barraged with phone calls, emails, and text messages that you didn’t ask for. I hope this information has been helpful; as always, team Amerifund is here for you. If you have any needs at all, we hope you’re healthy and safe during this difficult time. And thanks for watching.

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