With mortgage rates in flux and housing prices high, the real estate market is far from where it was before the pandemic, but it is becoming more stable. In this week’s video, Amerifund Loan Officer Cesar Silva explains how market forces are moving in the right direction, and how you can start preparing now, even if you might not be ready to buy just yet.


Hello. Cesar Silva here from the loan team at Amerifund. Looking at today’s real estate market, home buyers are feeling the impact of the rising mortgage rates. Right now, housing prices do remain high, but they have leveled off. More homes are coming onto the market. And we have seen a shift from where things were at six months ago.
There is an increase also of accepted offers and sellers working together with the buyers to make the transaction happen. It’s not a buyer’s market yet, but we do see the collaboration between everyone trying to make things work. We’re still seeing fast turn times from our lending partners. Closing a loan in ten to sometimes fifteen days. High rates may lead many to rethink their budget. But guess what? It still makes sense. This is still your biggest long term investment, your home purchase, especially when you consider today’s high rent costs. Just remember, rates will rise, they’ll fall. But we’ve seen this happen so much in the last 15 years. And if you buy high, you can refinance when rates allow for savings down the road.
Speak to your tax advisor. Find out the benefits of homeownership and consider that versus continuing to rent. So what can you do right now as you weigh this? This is the key time to prepare for the future. For example, many of our clients have areas where improving or establish the needed credit. And now is the time that it’s possible.
Are there high rates on your credit cards, maybe your student loans or other debt, other collections maybe that are there? These need to be addressed. We got to get the healing started to restart the clock to be ready for the future. These items will drain your scores and they will have you under very high repayment interest terms. So what can we do?
Now’s the time to address and to plan that when the time is proper, when it is right, you can lock in the best rates. Rates are tied to your credit score so your scores have a huge monetary impact. Call us now. Let us help you map out your path. Let us see how we can help you get to your goals and prepare for those long term plans.
Thank you very much.

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