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Kathy M.

Angela was very knowledgeable and friendly! Looking forward to working with her.

madeline w. Avatar
madeline w.
12/23/2021 - Google

Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value This was the easiest refinancing I ever experienced. The entire team was AWESOME. Always available and responded immediately.

madeline w.
12/23/2021 - Trustpilot

Awesome Honest, helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, kind and the easiest and fastest refinancing I ever experienced.

Brandi I. Avatar
Brandi I.
12/22/2021 - Facebook

Highly recommend working with the team at Amerifund Home Loans! They made every step of the process a breeze and they always have your best interest at the front of all that they do. This was my 3rd time working with them - first time home buyer in early 2020 and then refinanced twice! Can’t say enough great things about everyone I’ve worked with. Thank you!
If you’re buying a home or looking to refinance, you won’t regret reaching out to Amerifund to help!

Megan K. Avatar
Megan K.
11/09/2021 - Facebook

I could not recommend Amerifund Home Loans more!!! They were absolutely seamless from the first phone call to our final close they really made it such an easy process. Ceaser was available at any time to explain throughly any questions or concerns we had. He was so personable and really such a joy to work with. Shannon and the lending team made getting all the documents together and submitted so easy for a first time home buyer. They got us an amazing loan, and an amazing rate!!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home loan!

Rachel A. Avatar
Rachel A.
10/18/2021 - Google

Angela, Jennifer, and the rest of the team did an amazing job helping us secure financing for our dream property!

Stacy C. Avatar
Stacy C.
10/15/2021 - Google

Thank you once again Amerifund for helping us out. Angela was Awesome with answering all my questions and getting right back to me. I had the pleasure of meeting her and it was nice putting a face to a voice. Shannon we have worked with before and she was Amazing as usual. I will be sure to use Amerifund again (although we always say we’re never moving again) ha ha and will definitely refer this Office of Professional, friendly ladies and gentlemen. You all Rock!!

10/04/2021 - Trustpilot

Angela and her team were THE BEST!!!! Angela and her team were THE BEST!!!!! smooth, helpful, communicative, THE VERY BEST! THANK YOU all for your help throughout the process!

Cynthia H. Avatar
Cynthia H.
9/18/2021 - Google

It was a pleasure working with the Amerifund Team. Cesar, Shannon, Jennifer, Gina and Jamie.They made the process for my two homes stress free, unlike other lenders. Communication was outstanding and the team is highly professional. Very responsive when I called or emailed. I highly recommend.

mmurata Avatar
9/18/2021 - Google

I recently refinanced with Amerifund Home Loans and it was a very smooth process! Gina and Shannon were awesome to work with and helped me through it step by step. They have the best rates and service! I highly recommend them.

Erika J. Avatar
Erika J.
9/18/2021 - Google

Overall, I was very impressed and satisfied with Angela's attentiveness and professionalism. I will definitely refer anyone to Amerifund Home Loans in the future.

Dee D. Avatar
Dee D.
9/18/2021 - Google

Amerifund Home Loans were wonderful to work with. I was amazed at how easy my refinance was and how quickly it was completed.

Susan M. Avatar
Susan M.
9/18/2021 - Google

I was skeptical at first, but this was a wonderful and efficient experience! All goals accomplished. Highly recommend! 👌

Mac M. Avatar
Mac M.
9/18/2021 - Google

Angela and her team were SO easy to work with! We knocked a full point off our mortgage and it didn't cost us anything out of pocket. It was our second re-fi with them and was even easier than the first!

Eran G.
9/10/2021 - Trustpilot

Everyone was great especially Cesar Everyone was great especially Cesar. Was very smooth and took about 3 weeks to close.

Michael F.
9/09/2021 - Trustpilot

Angela and her team made the process… Angela and her team made the process easy and fast. They were responsive and communicated, every step of the way. My wife and I are Real Estate Brokers and will be referring our buyers to Angela and Amerifund.

Dee D. Avatar
Dee D.
9/03/2021 - Google

Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value Amerifund Home Loans were wonderful to work with. I was amazed at how easy my refinance was and how quickly it was completed.

Susan M. Avatar
Susan M.
9/03/2021 - Google

Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value I was skeptical at first, but this was a wonderful and efficient experience! All goals accomplished. Highly recommend! 👌

Roman A.
9/01/2021 - Trustpilot

They made the process really easy and… They made the process really easy and efficient.

Hector N. Avatar
Hector N.
5 star rating
8/24/2021 - Yelp

Amerifund did the imposible. After trying four different brokers that gave us the round around without performing. These guys were able to do two loans for us AT THE SAME TIME!!!
Thank you Amerifund, you guys were so professional...,. I will come back to refi other buildings.

Charles G. Avatar
Charles G.
8/03/2021 - Google

Positive: Professionalism , Responsiveness

Kristalin D. Avatar
Kristalin D.
7/30/2021 - Facebook

Everyone at Amerifund is incredible to work with. They truly care for their clients and always make it a focus to do right by their borrowers. I can’t think of a better team of experts!

Charles G. Avatar
Charles G.
7/18/2021 - Google

Ryan S. Avatar
Ryan S.
7/18/2021 - Google

Angela and her team did a great job understand our financial situation and advising accordingly. I have done two loans with her and plan on returning for more in the future.

madxcollector Avatar
7/18/2021 - Google

Very professional, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. They guided me through the process and made sure im aware of all the steps that are required to close our deal

Robin R. Avatar
Robin R.
7/18/2021 - Google

Everyone I worked with at Amerifund was professional, quick to respond and PATIENT with me, as I was in new territory. I'd work with them again in a heartbeat!

Ryan S. Avatar
Ryan S.
7/03/2021 - Google

Positive: Professionalism , Responsiveness Angela and her team did a great job understand our financial situation and advising accordingly. I have done two loans with her and plan on returning for more in the future.

Cindy T. Avatar
Cindy T.
6/18/2021 - Google

it was a pleasure working with Angela Wyckoff and her team. Even though we did everything online I liked that my husband and I were supporting someone local. Our refi went very quickly, we were pleasantly surprised. Angela, Jennifer and Shannon were always accessible which is very helpful when you are having to gather so many documents for the lender. There were times when i got frustrated but they handled it very professionally, with kindness. I would highly recommend Amerifund and Angela. Thank you for all your effort.

Christian H. Avatar
Christian H.
5 star rating
5/27/2021 - Yelp

Amerifund is the most professional, honest, and trustworth lender we have worked with in years. I highly recommend using their services if you are refinancing or purchasing a home.

Jeff S. Avatar
Jeff S.
5/18/2021 - Google

Great Experience! Process was simple and there was quick and responsive communication throughout the process. Would definitely reccomend

Shayne O. Avatar
Shayne O.
5/18/2021 - Google

I have used Amerifund twice, what an amazing team they have. They went out of their way through every avenue of the process, to make sure that I understood everything. I have referred them to friends who had the same great results. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy business.

Stan B. Avatar
Stan B.
5/18/2021 - Google

Fantastic company. Thanks Dustin. Everything went well.

Repoman101 Avatar
5/18/2021 - Google

Amerifund Home Loans is the BEST mortgage company in the Los Angeles area. I've had the great pleasure to work directly with their team and they do the impossible by making the home loan process easy to understand. Jamie is incredibly knowledgeable and after shopping many other mortgage companies in the greater Los Angeles area, Amerifund came out as my #1 pick. Take my word for it, you will be hard pressed to find a better team.

Ally H. Avatar
Ally H.
5/18/2021 - Google

Everyone is so helpful and really walk you through the loan process. Will definitely use again. Thank you so much Amerifund! Big Fan!

David W. Avatar
David W.
5/18/2021 - Google

The team at Amerifund has been amazing, they took a very daunting task and made it manageable. I highly recommend Angela and her amazing team for any of your mortgage needs! A+++

Alden B. Avatar
Alden B.
5/18/2021 - Google

Stephanie M. Avatar
Stephanie M.
5/03/2021 - Facebook

I had such a terrific experience! Dusty Powers was amazing . I closed my loan in approximately 22 days. Total professionals they were so great to work with!! I would highly recommend this company to everyone!

Sheila S. Avatar
Sheila S.
4/20/2021 - Facebook

Stayed with you all the the way through to the end of your loan and then some!
Most EXCELLENT advice & service

primo v. Avatar
primo v.
4/18/2021 - Google

Exceptional in every way: finding best terms, quick action to lock in lowest possible interest rate (just ahead of increase); very patience and helpful in assisting us with the many details required to complete an application, etc.And this is the second time around: received same exceptional service 3 years ago when we first purchased the property we now refinanced.

Devon B. Avatar
Devon B.
4/18/2021 - Google

A R. Avatar
A R.
4/18/2021 - Google

Justin H. Avatar
Justin H.
4/18/2021 - Google

Great Job!

William L. Avatar
William L.
4/18/2021 - Google

Brett made the mortgage process not only bearable but enjoyable. 100% would use them again.

Mark L. Avatar
Mark L.
3/18/2021 - Google

This was an incredibly easy and fast process. I loved working with the Amerifund Team.

Jeff C. Avatar
Jeff C.
3/18/2021 - Google

Shannon is very professional, very knowledgeable, and very prompt in keeping us informed. Thank you for a great seamless experience.

Rick D. Avatar
Rick D.
3/18/2021 - Google

Very professional outfit. I’d use them again.

Mike C. Avatar
Mike C.
5 star rating
1/26/2021 - Yelp

The Amerifund team was amazing throughout the entire refinancing process. Courteous, patient, helpful, professional, and friendly are just some of the adjectives that describe this team. If we had a question or concern, it was addressed. The entire process was completed almost exclusively online, with the exception of a notary visit. This made it easy, convenient, and safe for us during COVID. If we had to refi again, or recommend a company, Amerifund would be our first choice, hands down. Thank you!!

Jeff A. Avatar
Jeff A.
1/18/2021 - Google

I do not even know where to begin... we started the process with me telling the Amerifund team that we are a very difficult refi because we are both self employed. That did not phase this team. Angela started the process and kept us informed throughout the process and when it got really tough, Shannon, Jamie and Gina kept it going. With all of the rules changing because of COVID, this group was able to navigate the changes and get our loan through and funded.We are forever grateful to the Amerifund team.