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Alysha Boles
Loan Partner
I am often asked what it is that I want… the simple answer to that is- I want to help people get what they want! For as long as I can remember, I have achieved getting what I want by helping other people get what they want. If you want to work with someone who is truly all in on your dreams because she knows what that means, Let’s Work Together! I start everyday focused on this order- Mindset, Marriage, Mom, and Management… This is my M-Powered life and focus that I believe benefits everyone I am connected to! My name is Alysha Boles and I would love to work together with you. I am a Loan Partner that believes everyone deserves the best of me, or I should not be involved. The Mortgage loan process is highly personal and let’s be honest, can be a completely overwhelming experience. You need someone who takes your goals and dreams to heart, not just someone who is there to take your “loan order” and spit out some numbers. I am a true partner that is there to guide you, educate you and support you along the way. I have spent over 20 years of my adult life helping people reach their goals whether it be advising them on managing their finances, businesses, personal growth, or commit to their plans. I found my passion for listening to what people truly want and finding unique and strategic ways to help them from whatever their starting point was. I carry that same passion into my role as a Loan Partner along with my love of Finance and Real Estate. Someone once said to me that the home loan process was “just business”, to me it will always be personal business. I want to ensure that every borrower working with my team feels truly supported, educated and partnered with. We are not here just “for business”. That means not only am I all in on my dreams, I am all in on your dreams too!
Alysha Boles: NMLS 1526564

Amerifund Home Loans Inc: DRE #01478386 | NMLS #347051 | AZ MB #1012786 | FL MBR #4727

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