You may have heard of Down Payment Assistance or DPA programs before. They’re perfect for those who want to buy a home but just need that extra helping hand, but not all programs are created equally, and if you’re looking for the real deal, you need a loan originator who can help you get it. In this video, Brad Rice explains what DPA programs are, and why Amerifund Loan Originators can help you explore your options.​​


Do you know someone who wants to buy a home, but maybe needs a bit of a hand for additional down payment funds?

There are 2 legitimate down payment assistance programs that are unlike anything else in the market!

The unfortunate part is that you likely have no idea about these programs if you don’t know one of the very few Loan Originators that have access to them!

At Amerifund, we are your connection! We have 2% and 3.5% fully forgivable, that’s right…they are forgivable! Meaning you may not have to pay them back!

These grant programs can even be used for borrowers with credit scores as low as 620!

There is no First Time Homebuyer requirement, and with this program you may even be able to purchase with ZERO out of pocket Down Payment!

For details, you can reach out to and call us, or contact any of our loan officers. Our goal is to help empower anyone renting to become a proud homeowner. Thanks again for watching.



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