Hey everyone. It’s Jamie, with the real four, one, one (411). If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you might be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to refinance and lower your interest rate. And as I’ve mentioned on a few of my recent broadcasts. Our industry has experienced a whirlwind of change. And it has resulted in the temporary inflation of interest rates across the board.

There are occasional dips in rates. And we’ve had a couple of brief opportunities lately where rates have dipped. Sometimes for only a two to three hour time window before they change for the worse again. The best way to position yourself to take advantage of the lowest interest rates is to connect with a mortgage professional. And be certain; that you are on a RateWatch. And can move quickly to lock in the lowest available rate when the time is right. A RateWatch is a service that mortgage professionals have to track your target interest rate.

Here at Amerifund, we have a self-service option where you can sign up to receive automatic alerts when your target rate becomes available. To register for RateWatch, visit our website at And as always, team Amerifund is here for you. If you have any questions or need guidance. Most importantly, stay healthy and safe. And thanks for watching.

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