Where Mortgages Fit In The Digital Shopping Era

Online shopping has been growing throughout the last decade or so, but in the past few years, it’s taken over our lives. Still, there are certain things that are better to do with a real human being. In this week’s video, Jamie Cavanaugh explains some of the tricks big lenders use to reel in online mortgage shoppers, and why most people would be better off using a local mortgage broker.


Hey everyone, it’s Jamie with Amerifund and I want to talk to you about shopping for a mortgage online.

Have you ever wondered why the minute you visit an online lender’s website, you’re suddenly barraged with mortgage information in your social media feed advertising loan terms that seem too good to be true?

This is because big online lenders do one thing very well and that is marketing. The moment you visit their site, a pixel is generated which tracks your online activity and triggers repetitive targeted advertising.

We’ve been in the mortgage business for well over two decades. And if we’ve learned one thing, it is that numbers are shuffled around often by the big banks and what you end up with isn’t even close to what you expected.  Time and again our customers bring us Loan estimates from online lenders. And sure enough when we compare them to our estimates we find that not only are we less expensive overall, but the actual estimate that the lender offered is far different than what was advertised online. 

With competitive rates and personal service from licensed and knowledgeable professionals a local mortgage broker like us is really your best option.

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