Amerifund is fast-growing and as of this video, is licensed in 22 states, with more on the way! But how do we qualify so many borrowers in different locations, financial situations, housing markets and more? In this week’s episode, Angela Wyckoff explains how the DSCR program is just one of the ways we help borrowers who may not qualify otherwise.


Hey there, Angela here with Amerifund Home Loans. As I am sure you’ve heard, we are now licensed in 22 states! This allows us to help you, any of your friends, and family buy the home of their dreams or even expand investment property portfolios, all over the US.

Ever wanted a 2nd home in snowy Colorado? An investment property in Sunny Florida? Give us a call.

We have programs that make qualifying easy! One, is called the Debit Service Coverage Ratio. This allows you to put as little as 20% down and use the market rents to qualify! No tax returns, no employment verification and in some cases, no additional reserves required.

I’d love the opportunity to discuss how these programs can help you with your real estate goals.

Thanks for watching and give us a call.

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