VA Loans can seem confusing, and for that reason, some veterans, home sellers, and even mortgage loan officers have avoided them in the past. In this week’s episode, Cesar Silva explains the benefits of VA loans and why they’re not as complicated as some people think.


Hi this is Cesar Silva, loan officer with Amerifund Home Loans
I am wearing my red today, Friday, in honor of the RED Campaign, which stands for remember everyone deployed.
That brings me to our topic today which is my favorite financing of all – VA loans! This wonderful program offers borrowers that are eligible to take advantage of the lowest rates in today’s market. Also, minimum down-payment requirements. Sometimes as little as zero percent down. This offers the most flexible ratios for income and credit score requirements. And no MI. No mortgage insurance.

Let me tell you about Howard, one of our latest loans that we just closed. He was serving on the east coast and was relocating to California. First step was he connected with an amazing realtor who negotiated the seller to contribute to the closing costs. Second, we got him an aggressive rate in which the lender also contributed. What does that mean? That means he was able to move into his home for less than $1000 out of pocket.
These results won’t always happen for everybody, but it truly is an example of what is possible. So that means, if you are selling your home or if you are a realtor listing one, do not be afraid of VA Loans. These are truly amazing! Borrowers can save on not spending their liquid funds – why not??
These are nothing to be worried about – don’t listen to the misconceptions that are out there, these loans are not more complicated. The rules that exist are designed to protect the veterans – and frankly – these are wonderful for the men and women who have earned the right to be eligible for them!
Thank you

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