The 2023 Conforming Loan Limits have been announced and Brad Rice is here to explain the what’s changed and how it could help you buy a home.​


Holiday Shopping!

Yes, this sounds like fun!  Holiday lights, crowded malls, photos with Santa and such…but what I am talking about is buying a home.

Most people think December is the worst time to buy a home.  However they are wrong.  Traditionally December purchases are the best.  The sellers that sell in December are doing it because of an underlying reason.  They are motivated, and they are more reasonable.

Rates typically also decline in December, which is exactly what we are experiencing in a Big Way today.  If you haven’t spoken with a loan officer about rates this week, you may be pleasantly surprised!

So, instead of blowing all your money on useless (I mean thoughtful) gifts.  Then consider getting serious about writing offers this week. 

We are here to support you.  Reach out any time, and have fun out there!


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